Do points rollover?

2021 Inaugural Season points will roll over through the 2022 season. Points thereafter will not roll over.

Can I upgrade my membership level?

Yes! Upgrade your membership level at anytime by going to the Prize Store page.

How do I choose my message for the Polar Park plaque included in my membership?

Additional details on the Polar Park plaque program will be made available soon. This information will be sent to all Leadoff, All-Star, and Hall of Fame members by email in the near future.

Will prizes be added to the Prize Store?

Yes, soon! We are working hard on developing the Prize Store feature, and prizes will be added and removed periodically from the Prize Store in the near future.

Other questions/concerns/issues?

For any additional answers or information, you can email the ball club at boosterclub@woosox.com or call (508) 500-1000.